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Snippetsentry is a cloud based messaging capture system. The system Allows audit trail records to be created and accessed by compliance teams. Get a complete record of mobile communications data, without carrier dependency, capturing SMS/MMS, Easily Intercepts iMessage, WhatsApp, and other mobile communications.


No Changes to User Behaviour

No custom apps, runs silently
in the background. No changes to user devices

Simple Automated Deployment

No complex deployment cycles or extensive
IT overhead.

Effortless Scaling

Tens to thousands of Seats on demand in the cloud


  • No apps (we only need to deploy an App for  SMS/MMS on Android) iMessage, WharsApp and SMS/MMS on iPhone are “app free”.

  • We capture all messages - hidden, deleted, private, disappearing, edited etc.

  • We capture messages in any language, attachments, files, URLs, emojis, JPEGs, GIFs etc etc.

  • We capture from all sources/platforms - mobiles, watches, Macs, iPads, laptops whatever.

  • We capture received messages even when the device is switched off.

  • We only capture messages where we have explicit consent from the user of the service. We capture from corporate devices, BYODs, burner phones etc.

  • If there is any disruption in service (rare event) when we reconnect we automatically collect missing messages.

  • We don’t inspect messages, we don’t keep copies, and we use encryption at a minimum level of 1.2 TLS.

  • We don’t rely on GSM or GSM operators so we can provide one global solution.

  • We can run in our cloud, customers’ cloud, private cloud, on-prem or hybrid. We will have EU data centres (probably Dublin).

  • We can scale customers, users and messages exponentially.

  • Once onboarded - customers manage their own connected user base - it’s all self service. We are 20 employees compared to 200 for our nearest competitor.

  • We connect to almost all archive/surveillance platforms.

  • You should be able to sell that. None of our competitors can match all of those claims.

  • We are working on WeChat.

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